Francesco Cilli


He was born on July the 15th, in 1993. He gratued in 2012 as electronics technician.

Since 2011 he remains fascinated by photography, and He started to work as assistant in a photo studio.

He won local photo contests and he has receved honors from the contest LensCulture.

In 2016 he documented the work of a team of doctors who operate congenital children malformations, in the hospital of an Italian humanitarian association in Bangladesh, and he published his first book “The Heroes”.




2012 – 2016 MOOD Photography


2016 Workshop with Riccardo Venturi




2019 finalist at Italy Photo Award, Milano edition with "There Is The Sun Outside"


2018 honorable mention at IPA, International Photography Awards with "There Is The Sun Outside"


2018 first prize at LuganoPhotoDays Emerging Talents 2018 with "There Is The Sun Outside"


2017 selected at LuganoPhotoDays Emerging Talents 2017 with “The Heroes”


2017 selected at “LuganoPhotoDays Emerging Talents 2017 with “The Night Without Moon”


2015 selected at Lens Culture  Emerging Talents 2015 with “The Night Without Moon”




2018 ""There Is The Sun Outside", LuganoPhotoDays, Lugano (Switzerland)


2016 "The Heroes", Palazzo Pretorio, Sondrio (Italy)


2016 "The Heroes", Onlus Operare Per, Parma(Italy)


2016 "The Heroes", Spazio 6Centro, Milano (Italy)


2016 "The Heroes", Ex Aurum, Pescara (Italy)


2016 "The Heroes" Palazzo Baldoni, Montesilvano (Italy)


2016 "The Heroes" Città Sant'Angelo (Italy)